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Protection For Your Investment

RVIP Shield’s comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle against costly mechanical repairs. Our coverage offers the protection you need to keep your travel trailer rolling smoothly and avoid unexpected repair costs. Enjoy peace of mind that comes with RVIP Shield.








Stop Spending Money On Costly Repairs

  • Water Heater $1,998.24
  • A/C Unit $2,982.69
  • Washer Drier $1,489.51 Fresh
  • Water Pump $450.86
  • RV Refridgerator $6,250.00
  • Microwave $958.95
  • Leveling Jack Hydraulic Pump $3,574.94
  • Slide Out Gear Tracks $2,662.95
  • Generator Circuit Board $2,088.05
  • Satellite Dish $2,565.39
  • Inverter $2,253.10
  • Toilet Ball Valve $1,392.36
  • Aqua Hot Heating System $3,063.17
  • Travel trailer tongue jack $650.00
  • Generator 110v
  • Transfer switch $739.99|

Appearance Protection

Exterior Protection
Protect against weatherinduced fading
UV Exposure
Hard water etching
Bird Droppings
Tree Sap
Road Salt
Road De-icing Agents
Acid rain
Insect Damage (including
but not limited to love
Accidental Spray
Paint Overspray
Industrial Fallout

Interior Protection
Includes Interior Leather, Vinyl,
Fabric, and Carpet Protection
UV Exposure
Temperature Extremes

Tire & Wheel Protection

Roadside Assistance
Towing Assistance
Flat Tire Assistance
Fuel, Oil, Fluid and Water
Delivery Service
Lock-out Assistance

Tire and Wheel Protection
Repair or replacement of tires and
wheels due to a road hazard
Mounting and Balancing
Curb Rash
Flaking Paint

Theft Deterrent

$5,000 replacement allowance
towards the purchase of a
replacement RV vehicle
Reimbursed up to $1,000
$1,000 Travel Allowance
$1,000 Airfare Allowance
$500 Rental Car Allowance

Windshield/Headlight Protection

Repair Chips and Cracks
If damage is not repairable, you
are reimbursed up to $1,000 for

RV – Exterior and Interior Protection program listed above

RV+ – Includes RV Program Above plus the application of an additional environmental exterior product to the headlights of the RV and a treatment of the Interior product to the Exterior retractable canopies and slide-out sleeves to protect those treated surfaces from mold and mildew